19 octubre, 2016


We offer a variety of lessons depending on your level of expertise. All of our instructors are ISA (International Surfing Association) and ILS (International Life Saving) Certified. They are also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, to suit your needs.  

See below for a description of each level as well as pricing for individual lessons or package deals. 


Taught on the sand and in the white water.

What you learn 

  • All the basics of surfing including:
  • handling the surfboard 
  • how to read & catch the wave
  • the “pop up” 
  • having the proper stance & balance on the surfboard

Beginners will also be given guidelines in terms of understanding the tides, how the wind/tide affects the surf, water safety, being in position on the board when catching a wave and what kind of equipment is involved in surfing.  


Taught on the sand and in the white water.

What you learn 

  • Deeper explanation about conditions and selecting waves
  • Techniques to improve your paddling and pop up as well as how to have control on the wave
  •  How to read and catch open face waves


Taught on the sand, in the white water and on open face waves.

What you learn

  • Overview of the mechanics and physics of a wave and its parts (peak, face, shoulder)
  • Understanding rip currents 
  • Types of breaks
  • Parts of a lineup (inside, outside, impact zone, safe zone)

Intermediate surfers will also practice the turtle roll technique in order to get out past the break. You will learn about surf etiquette in the lineup, positioning, paddling rhythm and engagement with the wave, as well as techniques to ride the face of the wave.


Advanced Intermediate surfers will be given further instruction and techniques for developing speed in paddling, pop-ups and maneuvers, such as bottom turns, top turns, cut backs and re-entries.


Advanced surfers will be guided through improving maneuvers such as top turns, carving, tail blow, roundhouse, power carves, check turns and floaters.

Lessons & Packages