Exactly How Profile Verification Helps Ukrainian Scammers Defraud Millions Out Of Hopeful Singles

Exactly How Profile Verification Helps Ukrainian Scammers Defraud Millions Out Of Hopeful Singles

This may be a visitor web log by Elena Petrova, Dating Coach & founder of Elenasmodels.

Profile verification on internet dating internet internet sites is just a function that will probably be worth its weight in silver. It’s not hyperbole. There are dating internet web sites that boast tens and thousands of verified pages, with copies of papers and video clip greetings recorded on file. And then the internet sites allow manifold months-long swindles that rip down their customers for huge amount of money, whilst getting 1st cut regarding the earnings. This informative article describes just exactly exactly how it is done.

Fake Russian Brides with Verified Pages

There exists a entire industry of selling and leasing verified dating profiles in Ukraine, which can be the main provider for sites advertising Russian brides. In reality, joining any web web site marketing it self as “Date Russian Women” probably will have women that are mostly ukrainian the website.

All slavic women from the post-USSR countries are simpler to identify under the label “Russian” for many westerners. (“Is Ukraine in Russia” is a suggested search phrase on Bing, and so the confusion appears to be typical enough.)

exactly why is the national country difference essential?

Right now, Ukraine is experiencing colossal turmoil that is political while other post-USSR nations tighten their regimes. Frauds are really a option that is scary run in Russia featuring its total government tabs on internet and news. One letter or call to President Putin – that is proven to accept telephone calls and e-mails from citizens – and scammers might find by themselves in warm water. Comparable strict control happens in Belarus & Kazakhstan.

Ukraine in 2016 is just a different setup. Lawlessness and corruption are abound. Governmental control over the web is minimal. For this reason internet frauds in Ukraine really are a popular method of making money online. (Think Nigerian relationship scammers – a nearby underground industry that has spread its tentacles around the world.)