• Sunday Surf Camp For Kids

    Come surf, learn about the wind and tides, play games, and practice your Spanish!

    Camp $30

  • Customize Your Dream Vacation

    We can help you customize your dream surf vacation to our little piece of paradise

    Package From $0

  • Family Time

    Is for those traveling with children who are looking to surf, and enjoy the outdoors.

    Package From $3620

  • Explorer’s Paradise

    Surf and explore Nosara, Costa Rica and all that it’s surrounding areas have to offer.

    Package From $1300

  • The Independent Traveler

    For people on a budget who still desire to surf and connect with friendly locals.

    Package From $671

  • Mind, Body And Surf

    For those who want to connect mind, body and spirit on land and in the ocean.

    Package From $1386

  • For The Love Of Surfing

    Is for those who want to spend as much time as possible in the ocean.

    Package From $1126


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